Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting

Jekyll Island, GA (USA)

1 - 4 February 2012

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Set up in piped and draped booths, a variety of exhibitors and vendors will line the perimeter of the spacious Magnolia Hall of the Jekyll Island Convention Center Campus. Only footsteps away from the Grand Oaks Hall where the papers and posters will be presented, SERSTM attendees will be able to peruse the displays and visit with other attendees during the Welcome Reception, coffee breaks, and throughout the meeting days.

Presenting the rolling roster of Exhibitor/Vendors for the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting. Interest in Exhibiting/Vending at this historic meeting can be directed to Janet Hochella, Exhibitor/Vendor Chair at

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch & Shore Bird Monitoring

In partnership with the Island Community through public education and cooperation, it is the mission of the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring to assure a suitable habitat for people, sea turtles & shorebirds, the ecosystem of the island and its surrounding waters. Their program includes staff, interns, and volunteers who have documented the status of shoreline habitat and trends in sea turtle nesting for 28 years on Manatee County Shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. "Turtle Girls Rule" apparel sales will benefit their conservation efforts.


CLS America, Inc.

CLS America, Inc. operates the Argos System which is an extremely robust satellite data collection and location system especially designed for harsh environments. Marine animals, land animals, and birds are monitored worldwide. Designed for and with its scientific users, Argos is the only satellite-based system dedicated to monitoring and protecting the environment. The CLS America booth will provide information on Argos data collection and location services for animal tracking.


Desert Star Systems LLC

Desert Star designs and manufactures underwater electronic solutions for the tracking of marine animals, scuba divers, and remotely operated vehicles. Desert Star's family of electronic animal tags, SeaTag, differ greatly from other electronic tags in that they are powered primarily through a stored solar system, use Earth's magnetic field for significantly improved positioning, and cost nearly half as much. The SeaTag family consists of a 29g pop-up satellite tag, a modular pop-up satellite tag, a small geolocation only archival tag, and a variety of others.


Inwater Research Group

Inwater Research Group Inc. was formed in 2001 by a small group of biologists to fill the need for basic population studies of wildlife in coastal habitats throughout Florida. With their mission to provide the scientific community and general public with information to promote conservation of coastal and marine species and their habitats, the organization welcomes discussion on their research and conservation projects including the BP Oil spill and their most recent scientific publications.


Living Beaches

Dawn Witherington is a graphic design artist and scientific illustrator trained at the Art Institutes of Colorado and Ft. Lauderdale. Her art and designs are prominent in natural history books, posters, and museum exhibits. Together, she and her husband, Blair, merge their art, writing, photography, and design into a variety of projects, including the collaboration of their most recent book - Living Beaches of Georgia and the Carolinas.


Original Real Georgia Jumper

Masterfully designed by the late Sinkey Boone, the Georgia Jumper was first displayed at the 6th Sea Turtle Meeting held in Waverly, Georgia in 1986. Building on his Father's legacy, Howell Boone will display the Original Real Georgia Jumper, patent pending,that offers an alternative to the government created turtle excluder device. Howell Boone will be available to explain the Original Real Georgia Jumper, its importance, and the issues that surround it.


Pew Environment Group

The Pew Environment Group works globally to establish pragmatic, science-based policies that protect our oceans, preserve our wild lands, and promote the clean energy economy. Pew's Gulf of Mexico Surface Longline Campaign seeks to protect rare and depleted marine life in the Gulf by prohibiting surface longline fishing for yellowfin tuna and swordfish in favor of more selective fishing gears. The Gulf of Mexico is the only known spawning area for western Atlantic bluefin tuna and represents valuable habitat for several other marine animals including highly prized game fish such as sailfish and blue and white marlin. Loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles also spend much of their lives in the Gulf. All of these species face a common threat, wasteful surface longline fishing gear. Cameron Jaggard, a Pew Environment Group Associate, will be available to discuss research and goals of this important initiative.


Sea Turtle Conservancy

Dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles since 1959 through research, training, advocacy, grants, education, and the protection of habitat, the Sea Turtle Conservancy (formerly the Caribbean Conservation Corporation) headquartered in Gainesville, FL will offer free educational materials, newsletters, and other informational resources.



In order to advance marine turtle knowledge and conservation efforts from Virginia to Texas, the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Network will sponsor a biennial meeting to facilitate the presentation and exchange of scientific research from diverse disciplines conducted on the beaches and waters of the southeastern United States. The booth will highlight the many projects that embody this newly formed organization


Sirtrack are specialists in the design and manufacture of customized tracking solutions. Reliable and robust, their products have been used in various wildlife research applications, in more than seventy countries worldwide. Sirtrack will be exhibiting Sea Turtle tracking equipment including their exciting new Fastloc GPS.



Telonics, Inc. produces radio-tracking equipment used in research on sea turtles, marine mammals, terrestrial mammals, and reptiles. Equipment available includes conventional VHF, GPS, Argos, and Spread Spectrum technologies.


The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a marine turtle rehabilitation, research, and education facility on Jekyll Island. The GSTC opened in June 2007 and provides state-of-the-art emergency care to sick and injured sea turtles, standards based curriculum and informal programming for community education, and opportunities for scientific research. The GSTC will be offering facility information and sea turtle themed items for purchase to benefit the Center's mission.


In cooperation with the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network, the GSTC booth will also offer items from WIDECAST, an expert network of biologists, managers, community leaders and educators in more than 40 nations and territories who are committed to an integrated, regional capacity that ensures the recovery and sustainable management of depleted sea turtle populations.


The Sea Turtle Conservation League of Singer Island

The Sea Turtle Conservation League of Singer Island is a non-profit volunteer organization from Palm Beach County, Florida. Established in 1997, dedicated volunteers gather new nesting data for FFWCC and protect sea turtles from problems arising from human poachers, poor lighting, loss of nesting habitat, and armoring. This conservation group will be selling tee shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, soap, greeting cards, cuzzies, jewelry, and many more assorted sea turtle themed items to benefit their conservation efforts.


Turtles In Clay

Soon after leaving his position as a biologist with the Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska, Dr. Jackson discovered and became enthralled with ceramics. Over the last 12 years he has received instruction and inspiration from many potters in North Carolina and adjacent areas. Most of his work has incorporated his passion for marine turtles. His unique pieces will be available at SERSTM Feb. 1-3, 2012.

Wildlife Computers

Wildlife Computers designs and manufactures scientific instrumentation for ecological research, such as tracking sea turtles and other marine life, and for providing data on animal behavior and physiological responses. Wildlife Computers' tags will be on display and representatives will be available for discussion of the function of those tags and how they can be utilized to get the data you need. Questions on data analysis and visualization may also be discussed. Tag options include Fastloc™ GPS, Argos-linked satellite, pop-up (PAT), and archival tags, all with a variety of sensor possibilities.


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